Carefully Caught Regrets

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NO FREE PASTRIES? :((( but still.. MONEY? money is always good! and if it’s just for 2 days a week you could always just give it a try, and if it turns out to be too much you can just quit again right? if you’ve known her for so long I bet it’s cool!

NO BUT EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT AND MONEY :)) i guess i’ll think about it for now (oh boy, i’ll be going there tomorrow anyways. AGAIN)


SADLY NOT THE CASE. BUT I WILL SRSLY CONSIDER IT BELIEVE ME. i mean surrounding myself with pastry? YES. 

toadleeah replied to your post “soooo i guess just now at the bakery i’ve been offered a part time job…”

wait a few days and think about what hours/days you would want to work. if you’re in school, you could start off my saying “now that i’m settled into my classes, i wanted to talk about what it would look like if i was part time here..”

ah, she said she’d need someone for friday and saturday, so that’s not the issue. and it was a REALLY casual offer as i’ve probably known her since forever (she’s already known me as a grade schooler haha, and by now i’m 20 ^^; ) thanks for your suggestion though! :)

soooo i guess just now at the bakery i’ve been offered a part time job (?) very casually but it was an offer. that never happend to me before haha…

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holiness for you
was always in the quiet
of the world,
never in the flesh of another.

the blood you lick from your lips
must taste like freedom.

Emily Palermo, excerpt of “Artemis (via splitterherzen)

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